Practice Makes Progress

Volleyball Teams Wrap up Season


Abigail Johnson, Online Editor

The Lady Knights volleyball teams wrapped up a season of hard work this week. The teams have experienced some momentous wins and some difficult losses this season, and head coach LaVonda Harris reflects on the year.

“It’s been an interesting season.” said Coach Harris. “We are steadily trying to find our way and hopefully get a spot in the playoffs and into the top 4. Overall the girls are making progress. We’re currently one game away from our record from last year.”

With great ups there are also some downs which is something the girls have faced this season.

“I really feel like our record could be a whole lot better than what it is,” she said. “But they’re out there, they’re competing and giving it their all.”

We’ve seen what our Lady Knights are capable of but there is always room for improvement as well.

“Communication is key,” Coach Harris said. “Sometimes we find ourselves being quiet when we’re on the court. I really feel like we’ll be more successful if we actually open our mouths and communicate. They will talk off the court but talking more on the court is the main goal.”

Just as communication is important in a team, the girls are showing improvement in other skills as well, both on and off the court.

“I’m proud of our leadership,” she said. “We have some who stepped up and really came out of their shells. Last year they were really shy and quiet, didn’t really say too much. Everybody is open minded and they are talking when it comes to team meetings and stuff like that and trying to make the team better.”