Honoring our Heroes

CAHS to Host Veterans Day Program


Peyten Vickers, Staff Writer

On November 11th, Cumberland Academy High School will be hosting a program to honor all of the veterans who have fought for our lives and our country. 

Program coordinator Pam Eikner is excited about bringing this program to the high school this year. The program has been hosted at the middle school for the past five years. 

“I feel like every young person needs to be exposed to the opportunity to thank and to honor those who have fought for our freedom,” Eikner said.

The program will begin with a processional of veterans. 

“We would like all the veterans to process in the beginning of the program, and we’re going to be speaking to the veterans and  thanking them for their services. We’re also having guest speakers and we’ll also be giving them little goodie bags,” Eikner said.

Celebrating our veterans is important to Eikner, because some of her own family members have served our country. 

“My father was a veteran,” Eikner said. “He served in the Navy for the Korean War. I also had an Uncle who was in the Korean War in the Army.”

Eikner wants every student to be apart and feel the importance of the Veterans Day program. This program will be live-streamed in some classrooms so that all lower grades can take part in the ceremony as well.

“Putting this together has taken a lot of hard work, but I am looking forward to seeing it pay off and allowing students from every campus to have the opportunity to take part in this very special program.”