A New Beginning

Gibbs moves to AP position


David Hernandez, Publicity/social media Manager

The end of one story only means the beginning of a new one. This lesson was learned by Jenny Gibbs, a former English 3 teacher, and her students. Gibbs was promoted to Assistant Principal at Cumberland Academy Middle School on September 27.

“I have loved Cumberland Academy since my first day back at the church when the High School opened.” said Gibbs.  “One of the most attractive pieces of our district is that we are still building and forming our legacy. I have always wanted to be a part of that process and becoming Assistant Principal is my next step in that process.  I love the culture of our district, and becoming a leader here has always been in my plans. As Assistant Principal, I can be more involved with other teachers within the district and find ways to continue our culture and legacy.”

Throughout her time at the high school, Gibbs worked on making her room a safe place where kids could go to learn and be themselves.

“I don’t know what impact I made, but I hope that I gave my students a safe place to be themselves, improved other people’s lives, and hopefully taught some empathy and English along the way.” said Gibbs.

Gibbs always worked with her students, trying to change their lives for the better. Now she will have to learn how to impact students lives from a whole new perspective.

“Seeing my students everyday is what I will miss most about teaching.” said Gibbs. “Building relationships everyday and affecting change directly in the lives of the students will be much harder as an Assistant Principal. “ 

Now she is making her mark everyday at the middle school. She is working with all her new students on making them feel comfortable and safe as their new Assistant Principal. 

“I am hoping to make the same impact on the middle school that I always hoped I was making on the high school,” said Gibbs “and that is to show the students they not only have a safe place, but a cheerleader in their corner.”