Reaching for the Stars

Astronomy Club has big plans for the year


Ashley Ayers, Editor-in-Chief

Astronomy Club is a student organized club that meets once a week after school. The club is sponsored by Physics teacher Johnathan Longar. The 2019-2020 school year will be the club’s first year operating. 

“Using this club we’re going to investigate planets”, said Longar, “We’re going to talk about the stars and the constellations”

Even though this is the club’s first year up and running, there are already several events planned over the duration of the year. 

“We’re going to have Star Parties which involve using telescopes,” said Longar, “and also going to the Planetarium at TJC, and eventually going to NASA in Houston”

Astronomy Club is open to anyone who wants to join and anyone who thinks they might want to sit in and observe.

“It’s catered to anyone who has an interest in Astronomy” said Longar. “I just want to show students what is possible using math and physics.”