New year, New Principal!

Cumberland welcomes Principal Tim Schodowski.


Nicki Tijerina, Feature Editor

This year, Cumberland Academy High School welcomes a new principal unlike those from the past. Principal Tim Schodowski is no stranger to Cumberland Academy. He has taught at both the middle school and high school as a band director, and he was principal at the middle school as well. Now he has joined the staff at Cumberland Academy High School, and he hopes to bring structure and stability.

 “I know I’m principal number 5 in 5 years,” Schodowski said. “I mean, it’s the facts that’s tough on a school and you’ve had teachers that have come and gone and that’s tough, so I’m hoping that I can bring a little bit of stability and calmness to the overall school atmosphere.” 

In the short time he has been here, he has shown his care and interest in the lives of his students. One of his goals this year is to help the students anyway he can.

“At this age, you are really trying to find out who you are, what you want to do after high school, and what kind of adult you want to be”, Schodowski said. “I like being apart of that.”

Schodowski not only hopes to bring stability and care to Cumberland, but traditions as well. 

“I feel like our seniors are owed a great year, a great graduation and great senior activities,” Schodowski said. “At the end of the year, I feel like if we set up that tradition, then I will give all the other grades something to look forward, too. “

Mr. Schodowski not only wants to bring structure and stability but he hopes to open up Cumberland Academy to the Tyler community. This school is a mystery to the people of Tyler, and he wants to help them to uncover it.

“I met some people in the neighborhood across the street who thought we were a private school”, Schodowski said. “They didn’t know what a charter school was.”

Cumberland Academy High School has been through a lot in the five years that it has been standing, but now we have a principal who is ready to stick with us through it all in the upcoming years. 

“I like being able to say we are different, and I like saying, ‘You need to check us out; you need to come to our campus.’” Schodowski said. “Because we’ve got a good thing going here.”