Knights in Shining Armor

CAH students receive training to become first responders


Peyten Vickers, Staff Writer

Teacher Teleia Hogan’s public services and law enforcement classes participated in a tornado simulation event on November 6th in order to earn their FEMA disaster response training certification. Mrs. McGee’s theatre classes helped with the simulation, and students were instructed by local emergency response professionals as they were trained to respond to natural disasters 

Hogan has been working all year to teach her students what they need to know to when in a situation like this. “I want to prepare my students for any type of emergency or disaster that they may face weather at home or at school in order to ensure their chances of survival.” Ms.Hogan said.

She wants to prepare her students for emergencies, Hogan wants to make them ready for a career in the medical field.“I am wanting to better prepare them in any type of situation that may come along the way, no matter what the situation may be. I am basically making them our first responders,” Hogan said.

All of their training focuses on specific skills, that they are most likely to use. “The training focuses on basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical responses,” said Hogan.

Ms.Hogan wants all of her students to practice all of the skills that they have learned over the last couple of months.  “All the training accumulates into a disaster simulation. They’re going to do a simulation drill where they have to respond to multiple injuries of a tornado.”