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CAHS House system gets an upgrade


Nicki Tijerina, Announcement Manger

Last year, Chivalry week was introduced to Cumberland Academy, and with it the house system was introduced. This year, the head of housing, April Schodowski, is hoping to make the housing meaningful for both teachers and students. 

Chivalry Week is hopefully going to be a time when students can escape from the stress of the end of course exams and take part in something meaningful and fun.” said Schodowski.

A big part of housing is points, and thanks to Mrs. Howell, a spreadsheet has been created to help keep track of points and calculate merits and demerits.

We considered investing in an app that would make tracking easier, but we are going to try something a little simpler this year using Google Forms.” said Schodowski.

Last year there were seven houses, this year there are six. The plan for housing is to let it grow by including point tracking and the house organization for regular activities.

“This slow integration will hopefully make things less confusing and once we have the new wing open, we will have well established meeting locations for the houses as well.” said Schodowski.

To assist with integrating, a committee is being put together to give a students perspective. The house committee is going to be focused on figuring out what works and what does not work and by experimenting with house meetings and assemblies.

There will be plenty of learning opportunities and luckily, this staff and student body is the most adaptable that I’ve ever been a part of.” said Schodowski.

 Schodowski wants to help students get out of their comfort zone and help make Cumberland Academy a family.  This is not familiar territory and it isn’t going to be perfect, but there are a lot of learning opportunities for both students and staff.

I think that students will enjoy the different competitions and events as well as a bit of culture,” Schodowski said, “Maybe it will start out with the countries and their mascots, but each house will develop its own unique culture and identity that will set it apart.