Cumberland’s First Trip to State

Freshman Adiam Michael makes Cumberland Academy history


David Hernandez, Social Media Manager

It’s off to the track with Cumberland Academy’s first state candidate Adiam Michael! Adiam is the first student at Cumberland Academy to qualify for state in athletics. She participated in the cross country state championship meet in Austin on November 7th. 

“It feels great, I didn’t expect it at first and it just came as a big surprise and being the first is truly amazing,” said Adiam. 

For anyone trying to run that race a little hard work gets you a long way.

“Just go out there and run your race and try your best,” said Adiam. “At the  end of the day you worked for it so you earned all of it.

With just some hard work and a few pep talks she completed her greatest achievement. 

“I practiced, I mean that’s basically what I did I just practiced and I gave myself encouraging pep talks saying“ you got this”, and“ you’re not the only one out there.” Said Adiam “There are a lot of freshmen out there that are scared and don’t know what they are doing.” 

Preparing for the season was just as much work. Adiam worked just ashardd everyday to get where she is now.

“I spent most of my time training with Coach Ritter and the other cross country team and just being with them and being together as a community just showed me how much fun it was just being apart of a team.” Said Adiam 

This season was full of surprises for Adiam and the entire team as well.

“Yes, I did not expect to go to state or even get close to it.” Said Adiam “Going to regional was a big surprise by itself and it was just amazing.”

This is an experience she will never forget in her life and will forever be grateful for.

The cross soundtracks team is a  great group and just being able to spend the season with them was amazing.” Said Adiam “Even though I was the only freshman girl it was still amazing knowing there are other people like me who love running.”