TJC Promise

A Reward For Astounding students

TJC Promise

Cameron Starnes

Tyler Junior College is offering 2 years of college tuition-free to Cumberland Academy students through the TJC Promise Scholarship Program. 

The requirements are simple but you must meet all of them to be accepted. 

”If they do these basic requirements which are pretty easy to do, then their hard work will pay off by getting them free tuition,” said counselor Misty Adair.

In order to qualify for the TJC Promise Scholarship, students can only have a certain number of absences throughout the year

“As a freshman, you have five or fewer absences, sophomores can have 10 days or less, juniors, and seniors 10 days or less,” said Adair.

    TJC Promise students are also required to complete a certain number of service hours throughout their high school career

Students must complete 5 hours during sophomore year and 10 hours as a junior and 10 hours your senior year” said Adair. 

November 4th, 2019 was the day CAH freshmen signed up for the TJC Promise Scholarship Program. As this programs continues to grow, more and more students are being given the amazing opportunity to attend Tyler Junior College after they graduate from Cumberland Academy High School.