Angels in Disguise

CAHS continues tradition of giving


Annabelle Jackson

The Cumberland AcademyAngel Tree is thriving for the fourth year now thanks to our District Food Services Manager Kelly Alsheikh and all the others contributing to this wonderful cause. Alsheikh started this because she saw kids in need of basic things such as clothes, shoes, and food. 

“I know from past experiences as a kid how that made me feel, and I have always said that if there’s anything that I could do to help anyone, I would.” says Alsheikh. “As a family, we used to pick two kids from the salvation army, but I thought why not take care of our own kids here at school?” 

Alsheikh and the parents at Cumberland Academy do fundraisers to pay for wrapping paper, gifts, and food. Anything that anyone could donate to help kids in need is appreciated. 

“I cannot take all of the credit for this undertaking.” said Alsheikh. “If it wasn’t for the generosity of our parents and staff that adopt the angels and for everyone who helps with the shopping and wrapping, we definitely could not do it.” 

The Angel Tree takes a lot of planning, and they’ve been planning since the beginning of the year. Alsheikh and all of the parents work very hard to make this tree possible, but Alsheikh says the best reward is imagining the kids faces when they open the gifts. 

“I sometimes wish that the parents would send us pictures of the kids opening their gifts so we could somewhat share the joy as well.” 

Depending on how many kids are on the tree, Alsheikh and the parents usually wrap between 400 and 900 gifts. It’s a lot of hard work, but with the amount of people that help, great things are done every year.