Best of Both Worlds

Geometry teacher Karina Delgado pursues an Educational Doctorate


Jocelyn Herring, Editor-in-Chief

    It is of no surprise to anyone that Mrs. Delgado wears a lot of hats at Cumberland Academy High. From being a geometry teacher, to the head of Purple House, to the Student Council sponsor, and the Math Department Chair, Mrs. Delgado does it all, and, impressively, still manages to factor in time for her family. But this year, she has added one more thing to her plate: returning to school to receive an Education Doctor in Learning and Organizational Change.

    “One of the reasons [I chose to pursue this degree] was because I wanted to find a program compatible with my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction,” said Delgado. “But in reality, what got my attention was the ‘organizational change’ part. I want to think that what I am learning can help me become an agent of change, and have a positive influence in my environment.”

    But the reason that Mrs. Delgado chose to return to school goes much deeper than that. Obtaining a terminal degree has been a dream of hers for a very long time; a dream that she never thought that she would be chasing.

    “I would be lying if I told you I am not doing this for me,” Delgado said. “At one point, I realized that I had to stop asking myself ‘what if?’ and decided that it was more productive to ask, ‘why not?’ I want to grow, personally and professionally, and discover my potential. Maybe in the process, I can lead by example, and my children will learn the value of working towards a dream.”

    And working she is. This added commitment certainly adds another level of stress to her life, which demands lots of hard work on her part.

    “[The hardest part about this] is to realize that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done,” said Delgado. “I think the even harder part is to remember to take care of myself so I can be able to continue to take care of my family and my students.”

    Delgado’s family is of great importance to her. In fact, she believes them to be her biggest supporters.

    “I would not be able to do this without the help of my husband and kids, who were 100 percent behind me as I start this journey,” said Delgado.

    This journey has been challenging for her, but Mrs. Delgado has learned how to conquer every difficulty that had come her way.

    “I learned the importance of recognizing my weaknesses (ESL, writing, ADD). I am not saying that it is easy to overcome them, but being conscious of them has helped me improve,” said Delgado.

    The lessons that she has learned throughout this experience will remain with her for the rest of her life, but most of all, she wants to teach her students one important thing.

    “Dream big,” she said. “And when it comes to your goals, do not let fear hold you back.”