A Bloody Situation

CAHS staff members learn life saving practices


Abigail Johnson, Feature Manager

This year, the teachers and staff at Cumberland Academy are rushing to get certified for blood training. The government is requiring every districtsacross the state to get all staff members certified by 2020 to be able to handle situations where blood and open wounds are present. 

“The purpose of this training is to educate staff members on how to stop bleeding in any situation,” high school nurse Krista Hickey said. “Whether it’s a mass casualty or a single person that’s having issues. How to stop any kind of arterial bleed, pack a wound, apply tourniquets, and put a dressing onto the chest wall for what they call a sucking chest wound.”   

With the training on such short notice, Hickey had to hurry to get staff into classes and prepare everyone.

“We have to make sure it’s covered, everyone is through it, and, in an appropriate manner, everyone is taught the right thing,” Hickey said. “Being non-medical, it’s stressful for a lot of people because they have never seen this stuff or touched it before. It’s stressful just to make sure everyone has enough time to get the education and understand what they’re doing being they not only have to understand the concept but then be able to demonstrate it.”

With a new obstacle comes a new plan, which the district is working out as they go.

“There are going to be kits that are going to be placed around the school,” Hickey said. “I know for sure with the AEDs certain teachers will be designated as the keeper of some kits. And then any medical personnel will have a kit. So you’ll just see these kits around and hopefully, what i would like to see long term, is that the students will be trained.”

For most staff members, learning the process was not too difficult, but keeping their cool in an actual emergency situation might be another story. 

“Remember to try to stay calm as best you can,” Hickey said. “The more stressed out you get, the more your fine motor skills leave, and you really need those to be able to do the best job you can.”