The Most Musical Time of the Year

Band rocks out at Winter concert

Annabelle Jackson, Staff Writer

New band director Bradley Lindsey’s winter concert was holly jolly this year, thanks to all of the hard work that the kids put into their pieces. The concert was at the Cumberland Academy Middle School, due to the fact that the auditorium is not yet finished. 

“I think the kids did a really good job, especially given all the concert date changes.” said Lindsey. “The venue could’ve been better, because we thought we were going to be in the auditorium, but we pulled through.” 

Lindsey is a new director at our school, and the performances thus far are proving that he’s a great addition to CAHS. 

“Coming to any new school, you have that challenge of not being what the kids are used to, and learning where they’re at musically.” said Lindsey. “You have to get the kids to know you, and like you, because that can be a really challenging task.” 

Lindsey’s concert band had many date changes, but they finally landed on December 19, at 7:00 at the Middle School cafeteria. 

“I always like to put a piece that isn’t all about Christmas in our concert.” said Lindsey. “This year, we played a challenging piece called Rippling Watercolors.” 

Lindsey appreciates the fact that he works with different grade levels, and that he gets to put them all in one band. 

“We’re in a really unique situation where there’s different music abilities in one band.”  said Lindsey “It makes one great band.”