A Round of Applause

Riley Forrester to star in “Peter and the Starcatcher”


Peyten Vickers, Staff Writer

Freshman Riley Forrester is playing a very important role in CAHS’s upcoming musical production, “Peter and The Starcatcher.” The play is about the origins of Peter Pan and how he got into Neverland. The play will take place in the Pollard Methodist Church on January 16th – 18th.

Forrester may be a freshman here at CAHS, but she isn’t new to the stage. 

“I’ve been doing theatre all of my life, so I didn’t think about it really,”  Forrester said. “I try to take every opportunity to be in a play or musical that I can.”

Forrester was shocked when she got the part, especially since she plays a very important role.

“ It was really exciting,” Forrester said. “I hadn’t expected to get such an important role, so I knew it’d be a new experience for me.”

Forrester’s character is a girl who is just trying to fit in while being a woman with little rights.

“Molly is a 13 year old girl training to be a starcatcher,” Forrester said. “She naturally takes on a role of leadership in the group of four kids, which is a little difficult to her, considering she’s a girl during a time women had little to no rights, but after a while the other guys didn’t seem to mind.”

Forrester finds her character to be very relatable to her own personality.

“I can relate to my character because of her spontaneous attitude and daring spirit,” Forrester said. “There’s a lot of similarities in our personalities, and I can definitely see myself reacting in the same way she does in certain situations.”

The pressure is on with Forrester taking on an important role. She does struggle with some scenes in the play, but she will continue to push through and do her best.

“There are a few scenes throughout the musical where I have to display a connection between me and another person that doesn’t really exist offstage,” Forrester said. “I’d say that’s pretty difficult to pull off, but I’m sure I’ll get it down.”

Forrester has learned many lessons throughout her years of dedication and hard work in theatre.

“Auditioning has taught me that everyone’s probably freaking out as much as you are, and they’ll probably be too focused on themselves to even notice if you messed up,” Forrester said. “But if you stay focused and believe in yourself, then you may have a chance.”