Taking Flight

Junior makes plans to graduate early


Cameron Starnes, Staff Writer

Jenesis Blake is one of the very juniors who have the ability to finish high school a year early.

She’s going to miss her friends, who are all juniors. She will not be with them on their last year of high school as she will be furthering her education.

”I’m spending time with my friends since is my last year with them and they’re all juniors” Blake said.

Jenesis is going to double major in college to study marine biology and forensic anthropology. She is also going for a PhD and the extra year is going to help her get there.

”I want to double major in marine biology and forensic anthropology and since I want to get my PhD in both it’s going to take me a while, so have a head start is going to be better” Blake said

She prefers to work alone so she can get work done without having to rely on others. 

“I enjoy independent work because I don’t like relying on others for answers,” said Blake.

Making the decision to graduate early puts a lot of work on your shoulders because people will expect you to go above and beyond.

”At the beginning of the year it was very stressful, but it’s okay now,” said Blake. “I’m more trying to live in the moment and you know, spend time with my friends as much as I can before I leave, because I will miss them next year.”

Blake tends to procrastinate when it comes to school, which doesn’t help her because it stresses her out and hurts the progress of her education in the end.

“I am a procrastinator,” Blake said. “It does not help because then I stress out and then I have work on top of work and it’s not really good.”

She wants to be able to get work done on time instead of waiting till a deadline. Being able to get everything done as soon as possible could make good habits that will help with tasks that come during life.

“I feel like [graduating early] will benefit me in the work place because then, my boss in the future will know that I’m on top of my stuff  and worth keeping as an employee,” said Blake.