From Cement to Stage

This year’s new theater teacher is ready for action

From Cement to Stage

Ashley Ayers, Editor

Allison McGee is this year’s new theater teacher, but she’s no stranger to Cumberland Academy. Moving from an English teacher to directing theater, her change in classes wasn’t extreme, but it was enough to make a difference. 

“I’ve been doing theater since I was four years old,” McGee said. “I’ve directed, I’ve critiqued, I’ve done some shows professionally where I was actually paid for them, and I’ve been teaching theater forever.”

McGee’s passion for teaching stems from her childhood. She wants to do her best to help students make their transitions into adulthood, and find their passion, too.

“When I was really little, my sister and I would be playing, and I’d always want to play teacher,” McGee said. “I would teach her stuff, and I found out that I was really good at it. I always liked teaching people, especially at this age, since you’re all about to become full grown people.”

She didn’t have a real passion for theater until her high school mentor inspired her. 

“My mentor was Jan Jones,” McGee said. “She was actually the theater director at Lee for a long time. She inspired me to get into theater”.

She ended up at Cumberland after working at a construction company as their insurance and safety administrator.

“I knew I wanted to teach, so I got my certification,” McGee said. “I wanted to look at charter schools, because we do it a little bit different here. I can do whatever works for my kids without sixty other people telling me not to do that.”

McGee wants her students to know that life gets better after high school, and that they’re not alone during some of the most confusing years of their lives.

“When I hear students talking about, “I hate high school”, and “I’m going to drop out”, hang on just a little bit longer,” McGee said, “It’s going to fly by and it’s going to get infinitely better.”