The Insane Movie Review of “The Joker”

The Insane Movie Review of “The Joker”

Larry Bonilla, Photography Manager

I went to watch the Joker movie twice. The first time was on the premiere on October 3rd. And then a second time with friends the next day, which was a more relaxed experience. I went into the movie not looking at any reviews, or twitter opinions on the movie that way I’m not influenced on other people’s thoughts and opinions. So I thought about it for a while, and now three months later, I can safely say that it was a great movie.

Joker is a non-traditional comic book movie. Instead of following the overused cookie cutter setup of most superhero movies, Todd Phillips, the director, had Joker inspired off of from 1980s movies with edgy and human philosophical films, Taxi Driver, and The Comedy King. Based on the main character, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), who lives in a flawed society which heavily mirrors ours. Very carefully defining the rich and poor social classes, which would lead Arthur to become the infamous Batman Villain: the Joker.

When I heard about a joker movie planned to be made last October, I was both excited yet skeptical. The thing about the Joker is that there is a dueling ideology and conflict that takes the form of Batman. However, with no Batman in this story it does raise a few questions on how the story would be made.

However, in February, when the magnificent teaser trailer was released, I started to be a bit more optimistic. And when October 5th finally came around, I immediately fell in love with the movie. 

So what made the Joker movie special? Well first and foremost, it was a step away from a movie about quirky jokes, basic bland plots and attractive actors featuring superheroes (which recent comic book movies have been following). Instead, the movie was a character drama with top tier film production coated as a Joker movie. 

I love how they designed Gotham. In recent years, Gotham has just been depicted as a dark colored city, with crime here and there. But in this movie, they design it to be literal garbage. They made the city trashy and rat infested, graffiti everywhere, it’s just a disgusting city. And with that in mind we understand why crimes goes on around the ‘society and environment’ of the city. This allows watchers to understand the cities flaws.

For the most part, the movie features very edgy and dark themes. Including, not shying away from very graphic violence, and gory scenes. I found them horrifyingly realistic and a few other people I talked to about it agreed. However it never really ruined my experience while watching. Another thing about this movie is that the action scenes don’t feel shoved in just cause. The action scenes have meaning, and an actual impact to the story, no matter the scale of it.

To finalize my thoughts, I thought this was a good movie. It was above the quality initially thought we’d get. I recommend anyone watch it, even if you don’t like comic book movies. You can really appreciate it as a movie. I don’t really like rating movies because I feel like it doesn’t cover my full opinion of the movie, but I’d give it a 9/10, or an ‘A’.