Bringing New Honor to CAHS

New leader brought into National Honor Society


David Hernandez, Social Media Manager

 A start to something new! Minha Imtiaz is the new National Honor Society President for the 2020 school year. She’s been in NHS for a while but she’s stepping up to a new role.

“I was inducted the end of my sophomore year, so about two years now,” Imtiaz said.

Running for president was a hard decision for Imtiaz, but it’s one she doesn’t regret.

“At first I wasn’t going to,” Imtiaz said. I never thought I would become the president of NHS, but I was thinking about and I was like ‘well senior year should go off with something special.’ So after talking to my friends and my parents I was like, ‘you know what I’m gonna do it it doesn’t matter if I win or lose.’” 

The year began with a bumpy start, but Imtiaz has slowly found her footing in her role as president.

“At first it was really stressful. I was completely out of it. I didn’t know what to do, but it’s a learning process of course,” Imtiaz said. “You get all the officers involved and you get their opinion and you all vote on it together.”

She has many great new plans and ideas for the NHS group this year.

“One thing I would really like to do is get everyone involved. I really want to do more of the under the bridge things, and see NHS help with the less fortunate. We are inducted into this whole club, but it’s a prestigious club and only a few people get invited in, but no one knows what NHS is,” Imtiaz said.

In order to reach their goals, NHS members must hold themselves to a high standard.

“I would describe NHS as essentially the leaders of the school. Like everyone will look up to you. They’re supposed to be an example so, no academic dishonesty, poor sportsmanship, or anything like that. Always be supportive of other people and be respectful.” Minha said.

Imtiaz’s vision for NHS is one that she hopes will continue after she graduates.

“I really want to turn them into leaders. I want to get them ready for the next step and show the underclassmen that this is what you can do and what you should strive for,” Imtiaz said.