Spirit Takes The Stage

Cheer team heads to competition


Peyten Vickers, Staff Writer

Cumberland Academy’s cheer team traveled to a cheer competition in Fort Worth on January 16th, with the help of cheer coach Poindexter. They competed with other cheer teams all over the State. Even though they didn’t make it to the finals, they finished 18th place out of 129 teams. Give the cheerleaders a hand.

Cheer coach Kristi Poindexter is happy with the team’s progress and thinks they did a fantastic job.

“I felt proud.” Said Poindexter. “The competition that we went to, UIL Spirit competition, is a very tough competition,” said Poindexter. “We have squads from all over the state come and compete in Fort Worth. Their scores were phenomenal. No they didn’t make it to finals, but the scores were fantastic”

But behind every good score comes hours of hard work. The team practiced after school two days each week in preparation for the contest.

“I do think they were ready for competition with the routines. There were some things we could’ve perfected a little more,” Said Poindexter, “but mentally I don’t know if some of the squad was prepared, just because they didn’t know what it was about.”

Through their long hours of practice, they learned the meaning of teamwork and perseverance. 

“Our cheer team, just like any other team, has days it works perfectly together, but it has days where people are butting heads. But that’s what you’re going to get with a big group of people,” said Kristi. “We’re not always going to get along or agree.”

Poindexter does struggle with being a coach sometimes, but she manages to keep everything and everyone together.

“As a coach, the struggles with cheerleading is bringing a large group of teenagers together, and getting them all on the same page,” said Poindexter. “You have some that are really into it, and you have some that aren’t as into it. But, they want to be into it, but they have a thousand other things going on whether it be personal or not.”

Even though they did very well, Kristi felt like she could’ve changed a few things afterwards, and looks forward to returning to competition again next year.

“In the choreography, I would’ve changed a couple of things in our fight song because they did have a section that they didn’t get any points on. It’s not because it was bad, it’s just that we didn’t have the skills in the fight song” said Kristi. “So next year I know to add a jump, and a stunt.”