Creativity on a Deadline

Art students submit pieces for competition


VASE submission created by junior Anna Ashcraft

Benjamin Williams, Staff Writer

Cumberland Academy has many after school events and clubs for many different types of students. VASE has been a wonderful incorporation to our school. VASE provides many opportunities for student’s artwork to be known state wide.

Art teacher April Schodowski has organized the VASE competition submissions at Cumberland for the past four years.

“VASE stands for Visual Arts Scholastic Event. It is sort of being compared to a UIL contest and it actually used to be associated with UIL. They are kind of being their own thing now, but it is our big statewide contest. They also have some in other states, but there is no national level,” said Schodowski.

Many people around the state will be able to see the student artwork submissions, that is if the judge thinks the student’s art is worthy to go onto a state wide competition.

“The students go in to see one judge for their 8 minute interview, and after the student leaves, they use a scoring rubric, and if the student gets a 4, which is the highest, they will get a medal, but they will also go into a room where other people can see the artwork that is waiting there. All the judges will see it. The judges are choosing from those 4, only 10% of those go to state,” said Schodowski.

Art students can try many methods of art to impress the judges and the state. It does not matter what the students do.

“We have a variety of things. One student is weaving by using the traditional Navajo method of basket weaving pine needles. And then we have some students doing the traditional method of artwork, such as paint or colored pencil. That is just what you kind of see more of. I am bringing oil paint to our school, a lot of students got really excited about that,” said Schodowski.

People that are considering VASE do need to be warned that VASE isn’t the most relaxing thing, but it can help motivate students.

“It is probably one of the least relaxing things in this whole program, only because there is a deadline,” said Schodowski. “Let’s be honest, a lot of art people struggle with deadlines, but for a lot of students, this helps them, because it can actually make them complete a piece. They are feeling a lot of pressure on themselves in a good way,” said Schodowski.

Unfortunately, the deadline to register for VASE was January 29, but students can still join if they want to.

“The deadline to register was yesterday, but I can change names up until 10 days before the 19th. Students have 18 days to show that they earned a spot,” said Schodowski.

Mrs. Schodowski does genuinely care about other art students and she wants them to succeed.

“We are expecting the students to show what they are made of and how much they are willing to work,” said Schodowski.