A New Head of Hair

New Hairstyles Sweeping Cumberland Academy


Nicki Tijerina, Announcement Manager

The harsh smell of hairspray and the sweet smell of nice shampoo and conditioner hang heavy in the air as you sit in the hair stylist chair, waiting for them to begin creating the new you. Or perhaps, it’s just you leaning against the bathroom wearing latex gloves that are too big for your hands while you hold a small box in one hand and the other holds a piece of paper. You rake your eyes over again and over it again just to be sure you got it right.

No matter where you are, it all starts out the same. Taking your hair in your hands and thinking to yourself “what if it was different?” Imaging what you would look like with a different hair color or how you would look with a pixie cut. It’s a small change, but an important one for some. It’s a second chance to be your better self or a confidence boost. A bowl of chemicals, a snip of scissors, or the buzz of a razor has the power to reinvent yourself. 

“I felt reborn,” Chloe Spier said. “I felt like God came down to earth and shocked me with his powers and created a new me.” 

Hair is one of the many ways people show off their style. Like Chloe Spier, she changed her hair color from pitch black to a nice amber. 

“My hair is edgy and that’s what my style is,” Spier said. 

While some changes were subtle such as a dye job or a trim, others were extreme. Like shaving the sides of your head like Anna Ashcraft. 

“I think it’s a little twist on redneck culture and hipster culture,” Ashcraft said,”It’s an awful combination of worlds that should not happen.” 

We use our hair to express not only our physical appearance, but our emotions as well. 

“It really accentuates the fact that I do not care what people think about what people think of me” Ashcraft said.