Chocolates and Podcasts

Newspaper team organizes a Podcast


Larry Bonilla, Photography Manager

David Hernadez walked over to the stool before interviewing a long list of student candidates, that would later be released during the student election on November 15th. He sat. Amidst the video and audio equipment, with drawn inspiration he knew exactly what to do. With the cameras rolling to prepare for the Junior candidates to arrive, David proudly looked at the primary camera and invited Nicki Tijerina to sit beside him. Without a skip of a heartbeat they enthusiastically, gleefully and proudly spoke about the foundation of a podcast, and it’s future.

As the first batch of Junior Candidates arrive for their critical interviews for the student body elections, the duo dropped the most faithful statement, which would define the rest of the year for them.

“Hey Ms. Engelking, Me and David want to start a podcast!,” Nicki said as they sat on their individual stools across from each other.

“Oh do it! We could totally do that,” Engelking replied.

With immediate excitement, with surprised wide eyes they said together: “Are you serious?!” as they looked at each other with the happiest faces. And from that day on the two, with the assistance of Larry Bonilla they would strive to make the idea of a podcast come to fruition.

“Yes, admittedly it was David who pulled me into the idea of a podcast and we talked about it last [school] year and the beginning of the [school] year because me and David love being the center of attention,” said Nicki Tijerina, the Announcement Manager.

For many of the members of the Newspaper team, the two years they’ve worked with David and Nicki, they’ll agree that the dynamic between the two is very interesting and makes the class more entertaining while they are work.

“I quite enjoy talking and we thought it’d be a great idea for it to be the two of us because we somehow have the same opinions and different opinions.” adds Tijerina.

The two’s goals are to bring as many students and staff members of the School into the podcast. There they can discuss their thoughts on the happenings going on at school, or just general things that are on students minds. The podcast would be a sort of “by students, for students” type of deal. Nicki has even persuaded the Principal, Mr. Schodowski, to join the podcast.

“Because we don’t want it to be about us, because me and David are juniors and next year we are going to be seniors. And then we’ll be gone. So we don’t want it to be about us, of course.” says Nicki Tijerina “What I want is for it to continue on after, like passing on a legacy,” 

    Of course since the Newspaper team is a fairly new class (with barely getting a website this year) they would have to find their own means to fund their projects, especially the podcast. So on January 23rd the team (along with the Yearbook team) were given the task of selling boxes of chocolates. The idea was a very spontaneous one that was thought about during December on the days leading up to Winter break.

    “I was selling chocolates for my friend, who was selling to her cousin who is a highlighter.” says David, ”And I brought them to [our Newspaper] class and I sold 20 of them in this class alone. And Ms. Engelking asked me how much I sold, and I told her I sold 60 today [overall]. And she says that’s a good idea, we should do that as a fundraiser for the Newspaper so we can save money for our equipment and stuff.”

    After about two weeks of chocolate sales, the creation of the Podcast is becoming more and more true. The Newspaper class would admit they’ve done so much to spread information about the school and are excited that they get the opportunity to do things like this. 

“I don’t know what the future holds for the Newspaper team,” Nick Tijerina adds, “but it’s going to be awesome.”