Cooks Gone To Longview ISD

Cooking Advice From Around The World


The culinary students headed all the way to Longview ISD on January 22nd to get a better understanding of managing and working in a kitchen. They also learned about different foods from around the world.

Longvieew ISD has a well-developed culinary program, and the students and staff of CAHS took this opportunity to learn from them about what successful programs look like.

“We watched a powerpoint and Chef Kevin, (who’s the lead chef of the culinary program for Longview ISD), talked at length about different tings that they do, programs that they offer, and their path way for learning in the culinary program,” said Nicole White, the culinary teacher.

Longview ISD’s second head chef, who’s from France, gave a demonstration to the students on how to prepare scrambled eggs the French way.
“I learned that you can cook eggs in a very different way and they taste way better than the normal way,” stated Devin Meyers, senior.

Next year, the culinary students are planning on entering four major competitions in Tyler, Longview, Nacogdoches, and the East Texas Barbecue Competition. With their visit to Longview, the students were hoping to gain insight into the potential for the future of the culinary program at Cumberland.

“Once we do our competitions our name will spread even farther and faster,” said White, “This weekend, I will actually be the judge of the East Texas Barbecue Competition. A few students are going to come with me as well, and we’re going to get notes and we’re going to work the competition, and see what we can learn from that so that we can be ready to compete next year.”

With so much to do and to prepare for next year, White hopes that her students will be ready for anything that may come their way.
“I hope that it just keeps sparking their interest to learn even more in the culinary program,” said White.