Love is in the Air

The irony of Valentine’s Day


Ashley Ayers, Editor in Chief

It’s that time of year again. Overpriced chocolates line the shelves in heart shaped boxes. Fluffy pink and red bears sit next to them, holding little plush hearts. It’s a day of love and romance. A day to celebrate that special person in your life. A day of spending too much money on chocolate that’s available year round. We all know that feeling. Walking into the store, you are aggressively greeted with a needless amount of romantic colors. You came to the store just for a few groceries, but feel an overwhelming need to buy something. You know you don’t need that box of 64 assorted chocolates, but your girlfriend might like it. So, you put it in your cart anyway. Begrudgingly, you walk up to the cashier and place your items on the conveyor belt. You notice among other people’s groceries, there’s a tinge or two of pink. It seems like everyone has bought something for their significant others. It’s inescapable. The cashiers wear small heart pins on their vests. There are pink streamers on the register. Valentine’s Day is inevitably here, just like every year.

“When you go shopping and the chocolate is always normal price, and then on Valentine’s Day, it’s really cheap. Said Denis Kyriazas, Junior, “So I go grab a cart, load it up, and spend hundreds of dollars on chocolate and just eat it that night.”

But overpriced candy isn’t the only notable quality about Valentine’s Day, there are also traditions we see every year, like hearts, flowers, and an assortment of colors. 

“Valentine’s Day has a lot of strange traditions,” said Anna Martin, Junior, “I hope some of them die out eventually, because they’re kind of strange, and obviously an easy way to make money.”

While Valentine’s Day might just be a corporate cash grab, it still has a meaning in the hearts of people.

“I go to my room and lock myself out for the rest of the day because my parents go out and I’m just there for the rest of the day being depressed and sipping coffee,” said Denis Kyriazas, Junior, “I’d rather get a life and hang out with friends that day.”

But in the end, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for each person to have their own opinion on. Some may like it, some may despise it, but ultimately, it’s up to every individual.

“I don’t personally have anything against Valentine’s Day,” said Anna Martin, Junior, “But some people might, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re entitled to our own opinions.”