Laying a Strong Foundation

Teacher Tyler Crye keeps students on their toes


Cameron Starnes, Staff Writer

US History teacher Tyler Crye has been entertaining students at Cumberland for 2 the past years. He wasn’t planning on being a teacher, but he enjoyed social studies and got wrapped up into it. If he wasn’t teaching you would probably find him elsewhere laying metal.

Teaching any grade at any school always comes with struggles. For Crye, one of the worst parts is that you can’t help the students if they don’t want your help.

“Grading papers on time usually comes to mind which can be a struggle sometimes but not always, and students who don’t want to learn those are the hardest ones and the ones who need the most attention” Said Crye. The catch 22 with that is they are the ones who don’t want your attention at all. You take the good from the bad.” 

Crye is somewhat new to teaching and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. He teaches more than the classes at Cumberland, spending his evenings teaching at TJC. Crye is happy with his choice and says it was better than going out to teach college.

“This is my 3rd year teaching. I started at TISD. I originally wanted to teach college but I backed off when I realized it would need 4 more years of school and a PHD. But I get the best of both worlds because my main state is teaching you guys here at the high school. It frankly pays better than teaching college. You would have to start part time there, and it doesn’t pay much” Said Crye. “I get the best of both worlds because I also get to teach dual credit here and now I teach a couple of night classes at TJC as well.”

Teaching at a school like Cumberland might not bring the same feeling as a TISD school, but Mr, Crye enjoys it here more as the students are giving more than 100% to get things turned in, and they actually care about the school.

“I like teaching at Cumberland a lot.” Said Crye “The students here are more committed to studying and it’s much easier to teach here than TISD. I actually know Mr Schodowski, and I communicate with him. When I was at TISD I didn’t really know any of the administrators. It makes it easier to work here.” 

Crye Didn’t graduate from high school with teaching on his mind. He wanted to go into engineering, but he ended finding a love for history and wanted to share his interests with others. He became a teacher after graduating from college. He knew teaching would be right for him

“I had a lot of other backup options actually. Originally when I was 17, I wanted to join the Air Force, but my dad discouraged that, especially since he paid into a program that got me college credit hours for the first 18 years of my life. I probably would’ve stuck with engineering, but I switched from electrical to mechanical. Then I started to take a couple of history classes, and I just got swept up in it. But yeah, I would’ve become a mechanical engineer. You would’ve found me in some shop laying metal.” 

Instead of laying metal, he’s laying an educational foundation for generations to come.