Black History Month Program Set for February 28th

Black History Month Program Set for February 28th

Peyten Vickers, Staff Writer

Coach LaVonda Harris is gearing up for this year’s Black History Program. This program will be held in the varsity gym on February 25th at 10:30am. Harris started the Black History Month Program at CAHS 3 years ago, and is looking forward to this year’s program.

“We’re going to have a guest speaker that’s going to come, and basically inform us on some things. Shine some light on what black history is. Once the speaker is done we also have some special guests that will perform including a special band, and the CAHS dance team. “

Senior Jermiah Crowder is helping with the program for the third year in a row, and enjoys sharing her culture with her classmates.

“It’s amazing how the black culture can inspire people to do different things,” Crowder said. “I’m excited about the reactions on student’s faces when they see the band perform and the singers sing.”

Harris started the program in an effort to bring attention to black culture and celebrate African American history.

“I really feel like a black history program is important at Cumberland because it brings insight to the African American culture.” Harris said. “We are celebrating the struggles that our ancestors had gone through in order for us to have a future today. So I feel like it’s really good to celebrate, so that way we can share the black culture for the people who may not know the struggles African American people went through.”